Posted on: Feb 10, 2017
Valentine’s Day Promotion
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Love is in the air! From 10 Feb to 16 Feb, Da Miao Hot Pot celebrates Valentine’s Day with a 20% lunch promo and 12% dinner offer! What’s more? You’ll be in for a pleasant surprise on 14 Feb! Hesitate no further and make your reservations NOW by calling 6250 9969!
P.S. Before it is fully booked. 🙂

迎接情人节,新加坡大妙新一轮活动来袭啦!2月10日至2月16日午餐时段全场20%,晚餐时段全场12%!2月14日当日还有特别惊喜!订餐电话:62509969 提早预约

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